Basic Principles of php-Websites

The programming language php has been around since 1995 and is a “classical” web development tool. Here I want to go over the very basics of the process to develop a simple online app with php. I’m doing this development on a Laptop with Ubuntu 20.10; if you are using a different operating system, some steps might differ, but this is not meant as a complete walk-through anyway. A Very Brief Introduction to php php is run on a server and makes it possible to construct an HTML document dynamically before sending it to the client who requested it. [Read More]
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HTML Form Submission via Phython (1/X)

Some tasks can be very tedious and then writing a short python script is often a nice way to automate them and save some time. But most people who actually tried doing that can probably tell you, that this script often gets more complicated than anticipated in the beginning. Here is the relevant xkcd comic: Anyway, this story begins with a web form (on a site that shall remained unnamed), which I need to submit about 80 times with similar content. [Read More]